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Recent Campaigns

Carrotmob at HairPlay Salon in the Castro
San Francisco Bay Area
Carrotmob for energy efficiency at Ava's Downtown Market!
San Francisco Bay Area
Carrotmob at Mercury Cafe to create a parklet for Hayes Valley
San Francisco Bay Area
Carrotmob to create summer camp scholarship for kids
San Francisco Bay Area
They don't think customers care about sustainability. That's our cue!
San Francisco Bay Area
Carrotmob for energy efficiency at Himalayan Flavors in Berkeley
San Francisco Bay Area
Carrotmob to install bike parking and save water at Mission Cheese
San Francisco Bay Area
Carrotmob to create a scholarship program for Old Skool Café staff
San Francisco Bay Area
Carrotmob at Bernie's Coffee Shop in Noe Valley
San Francisco Bay Area
L.A. artRISING Festival to transform L.A.!
Los Angeles, California
Dancing Bear Toys Goes Greener
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Manitoba's Second Fair Trade Carrotmob
Winnipeg, Canada
Local Business plant trees!
Monaco, Monaco
RWS Carrot Cause
, Singapore
Coffee shop Goes Green
Victoria, Canada
Local Restaurant goes Green in Stockton
Stockton, California
Manitoba's First Carrotmob!
Winnipeg, Canada
Kulturfabrik Moabit goes Green in Berlin
Berlin, Deutschland
Carrotmob the Sustainable City Showcase
Auckland, New Zealand
North Carolina's First Carrotmob
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Making it Rain at the Pasadena Fresh and Easy!
Pasadena, California
Gent, België
Coffee lovers unite to "power" local cafe!
Carlton, Australia
Un geste éco-citoyen autour d'un verre
Monaco, Monaco
Henniker Heating the Book Farm with Biofuels
Henniker, New Hampshire
Carrotmob on Mikszáth Square
Budapest, Magyarország
Greening the Green Room Cafe and Coffeehouse
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Carrotmob Rennes @Ecoffee
Rennes, France
Local cafe to reduce water footprint
Budapest, Magyarország
Doblo Wine Bar Goes Greener!
Budapest, Magyarország
The Dugout Gives the Boot to Styrofoam
Hendersonville, North Carolina
German resto gets animal-friendly, efficient
Hanover, Germany
24grad helps Costa Rica coffee planters
Hanover, Germany
Saint-Malo, France
Carrotmob Paris @Monsieur Poulet
Paris, France
Drunken Tailor to switch to efficient lights
Budapest, Magyarország
Hawaii's First Carrotmob!
Honolulu, Hawaii
Invasion de Carottes à Rennes!
Rennes, France
Antwerp store switches to ecofriendly lighting
Antwerpen, Belgium
Bangkok grocer bans plastic bags
Pak Kret, Thailand
Let's give Hotlips Pizza our "extra cheese"
Portland, Oregon
Carrotmob goes to Finland: Porkkanamafia!
Helsinki, Finland
Australia's first biodegradable Crepe Cone
Parkville, Australia
Carrotmob Rennes #2
Rennes, France
Cafe energy efficiency retrofit in Wellington!
Wellington, New Zealand
Carrotmob for Energy Efficiency in Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Township Carrotmob in Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
Mob for a restaurant veggie patch!
Melbourne, Australia
Shop for Sustainability - Brunswick West Super
Brunswick West, Australia
Melbourne's First Carrotmob
Hawthorn, Australia
Shakespeare's Pizza
Columbia, Missouri
First Carrotmob in Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia
Glorious Sustainability for Perth Restaurant!
Perth, Australia
Local Restaurant Gets Eco-Friendly in Boulder
Boulder, Colorado
Carrotmob Paris à La Bellevilloise
Paris, France
Drink Green Party
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Hawaii's No Waste Carrotmob
Honolulu, Hawaii
MBA Program helps Pack the Pub!
Springfield, Missouri
Steigt der 3. Freiburger Carrotmob ein MiniMob
Freiburg, Germany
Birmingham UK Carrotmob!
Birmingham, United Kingdom
ROCKing Carrotmob in Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
Pedaling the Food Revolution
San Francisco, California
'Round the Troops: Dallas is Getting Mobbed
Dallas, Texas
Freiburg's 2nd Mob: a 10/10/10 work party
Freiburg, Germany
Mob for Local Food
Toronto, Canada
Erster Freiburger Carrotmob!
Freiburg, Germany
Vancouver Coffee Shop Campaign
Vancouver, Canada
Carrotmob Rochefort Sur Mer
Rochefort, France
Do Good at Goodstore
, Sweden
Green Our Coffee Shop: 350.org Day of Action
Victoria, Canada
Epicenter Cafe Goes Even Greener
San Francisco, California
Chicago's Second Carrotmob
Chicago, Illinois
Basel's First Mob!
Basel, Switzerland
Charleston Carrotmob Represent
Charleston, South Carolina
Carrotmob in Park Slope
New York, New York
First London Carrotmob!
London, United Kingdom
Carrotmob Makes It Rain
San Francisco, California

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